Monday, August 04, 2003


sampling some of the ring tones on offer to uk phone phiends, boynton found one named good vibrations. Hard to know if it's related to that other single sometimes called the greatest ever. Certainly a bold rhythmic interpretation. Interesting to see that "Give peace a Chance" is also available- the ring tone speaking for those ambient listeners caught in the sound zone of the public mobile user.

The Beatles Go too far - a six page preview of a new work by comic artist Sean Ward (via assorted grotesqueries)

boynton may have been aiming for something vaguely Robinson-esque in the DIY space costume stakes recently - but no doubt ended up looking more like this
Also from Marta Kristen's web site - Loused up in Space - a page from the 1966 Mad magazine satire, and the Robinsons time travelling to Family Feud. (In space no one can hear you playing word association)

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