Tuesday, March 09, 2004

wood chairs

Beware of Penny Dreadful - so many wonderful links...( you might not leave your chair for hours).

Like Black and White Dreams - The black and white photography of Ed Deasy
Among the beautiful images, among the chairs, the one that particularly struck me yesterday was My Reading Chair in the Woods
It was such a lovely balmy moomba day (Moomba is a strange Melbourne non-specific festival from the fifties, but the name might as well mean that short season of late February and March when there is a beautiful balminess about, a lazy hazy feel of the sniff of Autumn and the last days of daylight saving evenings.) It was a long weekend, and all around neighbours seemed to be elsewhere. No kids, no barking, no stereo or ambient air con hum. The garden here was quite still. Under the green tree you could read a book and be deep in the woods, or the wooded shelves of libraries.
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and on such a lovely day it was hard to linger in cyberspace, even with such compelling things to see. Even so, a reminder like this would be quite handy sometimes. (via Sarcasmo)

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