Wednesday, March 24, 2004


After another bad incident in the park, I'm half thinking of swapping the evilFlo ® for an Aibo

AIBO® is Sony's Entertainment Robot. The name AIBO® is derived form the words "A.I." (Artificial Intelligence), and roBOt. Also, in Japanese, "aibo" means "companion" or "pal" (via fishbucket)

The LED's in the Illume-Face may be more entertaining in a christmas-tree-light sort of way, if pets are to be clowns, although I doubt that the organic interaction of the tactile touch sensors on the back, head, and chin is as pleasing as the old analog way of patting an animal. Anatomically the rear view suggests that a fundamental problem of urban dog ownership has been eliminated.
And judging by evilFlo's record of anarchy, I don't like the sound of Various autonomous behaviors based on recognition of owner’s face and voice
A little autonomy can be a dangerous thing - and send owner's face into an Illume spin.

Maybe K9 might have an idea.

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