Tuesday, March 01, 2005


BBC Science Interactive Body a 3d jigsaw (via Life In The Present)

I assembled all the organs, but the spleen was difficult to place, even with a hint.

Over the centuries the spleen has been assumed to be the seat of various emotions – but exactly which emotions has changed over the years. If we start in the 15th century, I can tell you that some physicians believed back then that the spleen was the seat of melancholy or morose feelings. Others believed it was the seat of laughter or mirth. A century later and the spleen was blamed for producing whims, caprices, and changeableness. At the same time there were other physicians who believed that a hot or proud temper; high spirits, courage, and a resolute mind all came from the spleen (source)

From websters I see:
To dream of spleen, denotes that you will have a misunderstanding with some party who will injure you

And also that spleen has an Internet Search Engine Keyword Frequency rating of 1,041 per day.

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