Tuesday, August 17, 2004

exact and varied

It happens frequently that the word which one thinks of first does not express the exact shade of thought one desires to express and some other word of similar meaning is necessary. For this reason there is, for those who want to write and speak with precision and effectiveness, an important use for collections of synonyms

Putnam's Word Book A practical aid in expressing ideas through the use of an exact and varied vocabulary
BY Louis a. Flemming, 1913 (via wood s lot)

cocoa, n. Associated word: theobromine.

cock and bull story. canard.

cricket, n. Associated words: stridulate, stridulation, stridulator, stridulatory, stridulous

missile, n. projectile, dejectile.

old-fashioned word. archaism.
old iron, glass, etc. junk.

vest, n. waistcoat.
vest, v. invest

automobile, n. motor car, autocar, motor. Associated words: garage, tonneau, carburetter, chassis, automobilist, chauffeur, mechanician

birth rate. Natality

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