Thursday, May 13, 2004

like list

the other night late night surfing, I stumbled across a semi-meme of sorts occurring within a distant literary community (that I'm probably not part of, but the spirit of which makes me want to hook my poor audacious webbed wagon to its star)

Against the gloom: What can we do today to provoke a smile, a wink, a hug, a kiss, some sort of heartfelt exchange?

I found this here via Okir and through a subsequent link trail.
(The Blogspot posts all occur around May 6th to 8th)

because I like the positive
even as a gesture
like singing old hymns by heart

I like this time of the year
and then having to settle on crisp as a tag for autumn
when spring reigns in the blogosphere
I like our stamp- the seasons as a last stand of regionalism

I like the smell of lemon scented gums
and finding a random gumtree in the googlepile
and seeking the place from where the link was stripped

I like maps (via)

I like the pure purple of cadbury's
and I like that dogs can smell of chocolate (via)

And I like the company of dogs
as my old dog dozes away
I like a dog's accumulated days
as his eyes lose that pose
his wag is still as keen as ever

like Elvis I like The Beatles and fellow beatle fans

and I like this medium that sometimes makes you link

as a back-up to an inkling or a conspiracy of kindreds

the sudden serendipitous trip

I like the way spam can go glam with a bit of imagination

I like thrift shop voices and the possible metaphor of web as thrift store
of random encounters with ephemera and the profound in a pound store
or opportunity shop to use the proper local vernacular
I like the joy of collecting and the why of it

I like a glass of champagne
and the very thought of
a big wine bottle in the real world (via)

I like a comment or two

and I like I like and the hunters and curators

and the thousand and one tacit endorsments of the wondercabinet in any world wide week

Comments: like list

Nicely done. Poor audacious webbed wagon indeed!
Posted by fredf at May 13, 2004 07:50 PM

well, i just like this post.
Posted by Gianna at May 13, 2004 08:49 PM

Cheers, Fred. I like everything at Fragments, of course. But your photo of Tsuga - in the summer of his life, and doug approaching winter - seemed to be like polar labrador bookends ;)

merci b, G.
Posted by boynton at May 14, 2004 01:20 PM


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