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cook's cottages

All over historic North Yorkshire and Cleveland, from Middlesbrough to Great Ayton; Redcar to Marske; and Staithes to Whitby; there are places with Cook connections to visit and explore. This area is known as Captain Cook Country
Captain James Cook Celebrated North Country Navigator

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This cottage in Great Ayton looks familiar, and it is interesting for a Melburnian to see Cook's Father's House aka Cook's Cottage in context.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Cooks' Cottage, the home of Captain James Cook's parents, being shipped from England and rebuilt in Melbourne...
Despite initial claims of a close link to Captain Cook himself, it is not certain whether the pioneer navigator ever stayed in the cottage.
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We have always had a 'thing' about Cook in my family. I have regularly derided a so-called explorer who could sail past the heads of Sydney Harbour and not go in. They are super impressive from off the coast, what was he thinking? Still, he had just had to make a toilet stop for the kids in Botany Bay, maybe he was just trying to get some kilometres done before it got too dark... I don't know.

Other than that, his major defect was the amount of imagination he put into naming things. Whitsunday Passage because he sailed through on Whitsunday, Thursday Island, discovered on a Thursday, New South Wales because it looked like South Wales, etc. Please - these things create lasting impressions, for goodness sake! We refer to such names as "Cookism's" and look out for them everywhere. Our hypothetical worst case Cookism (as yet unseen) would be to name a lovely flowing stream 'Wet Creek'. You sure don't need to drive too far in the outback to find a 'Dry Creek' but the converse has yet to show up.
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have a captain cook here...
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