Tuesday, June 17, 2003


Seeing that current ad for a mobile phone with pictures prompted boynton to remark: so does that mean the Jetsons are here then? Those slow old Jetsons- as if we've been waiting all these years for these tardy guests to turn up and deliver.
Perhaps such futurism was imprinted because the family was timeless, time-warped post ww2 nuclear - a cultural time-capsule in a space capsule somewhere close by. This cartoon tomorrowland is "almost upon us" according to The Age that reports on levitating trains, driverless cyber cars and the old John Robinson special personal jetpack. (see earlier boynton for more)
Good to see that Australia has already earned itself a position among the world’s best transit futurists
(boynton has always jockeyed for a postion among the transit nostalgics herself.)

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