Thursday, June 12, 2003

ephemera fan

Today in a more positive frame of mind we approached the links directly and have added fiendish who also features this link to Victorian courtship rituals. While love and courtship may be categorised under ephemera, boynton was also drawn here to the flirting with fans section. More on this mysterious tongue here
The Language of the Fan.
Browsing around hand fans also led boynton to a most wonderful local ephemera collection, which includes some early advertising hand fans. (Even better at full size.)
Another section of this vast display is titled Collecting ephemera, can be an inexpensive and interesting hobby - and these are just a couple of the samples on offer:
Anchor Ann Recipe Book. c1925. (maybe this is what sometimes hampers boynton in the kitchen - just can't shake the old anchor over the shoulder feeling)
Cheer-Up Society fund raising badge. 1942. (boynton will join up)
but our current favourite - from Old time photos from South Australia 1 is this wonderful image.
Love beat

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Anchor's Away! Ahoy Boynton!!
Posted by Nora at June 12, 2003 11:54 PM

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