Tuesday, June 10, 2003

canines 523

As discussed in the comments section (that parallel blog) we have a bit of tweaking ahead of us to get an acceptable look. As in all other media, titles are challenging. And as for categories, boynton fears that she may only have two: ephemera and canines. And what else is there? So this is the first entry in the latter (to be arranged) category. Boynton has elsewhere discussed the dramatic symphony that occurs when she first sets out into the street with her three dogs. They are all quite mad, in many different ways. Flo - the blue heeler is the maddest, with that clever demonic quality always lurking in her broad under-used brain. In our travels, she takes great delight in rushing towards a gate where first she spied a fellow snout, attached to a loud guard dog with an ack-ack guard bark to which she replies in a piercing high whine, thus destroying the peace and quiet throughout the extensive parkland. Boynton is working on the choreography of her own response - a rather comic dance with several random kicks (in the air of course) and lead wielding hand gestures. As stupid as it looks, this routine is gradually having some deterrent effect.
Today however mad Flo rushes at a new gate, Bronte on her heels, towards what she thinks is a fresh canine combatant. Alas - it is only this that does not bark back. But because boynton believes we can learn from another's odd visions, she can half see the logic there, and has found evidence of Flo's inner broomness, and bronte's and of course that of Mr Douglas.

There's nothing more frightening than an angry broom defending its territory. Unless it's a female broom defending her litter of hand-brushes.
Posted by Gummo Trotsky at June 10, 2003 07:12 PM

Nice new digs you got 'ere B. And it loaded before I finished my jelly babies.

BTW, how's that Gummo in Trivia?
Posted by Pithy at June 10, 2003 08:36 PM

Yes boynton learnt that early, Gummo: never get in between a broom and her brood. A brush with danger.
Thanks Pithy. And you've managed to combine the 2 categories, canines and trivia, (a subsection of ephemera)in this alt blog.
Gummo's team beat boynton's (without its full complement of course)
Posted by boynton at June 10, 2003 08:56 PM

But, alas, we didn't beat the eventual winners (or four other teams that placed higher than what we did).
Posted by Gummo Trotsky at June 10, 2003 09:05 PM

which means of course, Gummo, that boynton's looking "really" bad now!
Must study my mathematical symbols, movies made after 1950 and meniscus before ever mentioning the sport again!
Posted by boynton at June 10, 2003 10:10 PM

That explains the sore foot - I just dropped a brick.
Posted by Gummo Trotsky at June 10, 2003 10:21 PM

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