Friday, June 20, 2003

evil green pen

Browsing at an evil multinational bookstore the other night, boynton was naturally drawn to the bargain bin. Among the daughter-of-celeb biogs and archaic PC texts were a few of those books that don't deserve such a fate in this cruel world. The banal indignity of the bargain bin is one thing, the desecration of the remaindering is another. One poor book, so carefully laboured over and produced, with beautiful illustrations throughout like this or this, was now branded by a large streak of permanent green marker all the way along its pristine edge. We get the picture, why the noise?

Another caveat: A first edition that is "remaindered" is no longer a collector book. Books that are disgraced by a "remainder" stamp, by slashed binding, or by the ink of a magic marker have lost their value (source)

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