Monday, June 14, 2004

rainy day music

Yes, the weather has turned nasty over the long weekend. Good day to rug up and play some generated music above the thunder and hail...
and the rumbling of the stomachs of unwalked canines

The Indian Shankar Drum Ganesh Machine (via J walk)

The Color Keyboard (viaTwists and Turns)

Comments: rainy day music

Nasty? You think that only the weather has turned nasty?! As alluded to over at Gov House, m'lady and I visited Ikea Richmond. We've moved beyond living life on the edge, the telly precariously balanced on the Lipton's tea chest.

(Currently we're revisiting 'Brideshead' ... "Tangiers was a stinking place" we've just been informed. What delights can pop up on Channel 31! Perfick for a winter's afternoon.)

We spied an item that fitted the bill. Satisfied with that we foolishly sauntered off the beaten track.

Oh dear, it was another hour before we were able to find our way back to said object of our desire. (True!) Whilst attempting to retrace the trail of breadcrumbs we did see Osama, found many weapons of mass destruction (deviously camouflaged as prams and strollers) and the lost sea of Atlantis.

Why should it end there? There was the down and out and lost in the subterranean car park. Was it the red park area? The green park area? The blue park area? The purple park area? For some period of time the car had obviously been borrowed or abducted by aliens. When it was returned to us we made our way to the "Ikea Pick Up Area". (Mmmmm? A double entendre momentarily crosses my mind, but Ikea is a do-it-yourself service isn't it?)

They don't have an 8 Items or Less pick up area, so another several hours were spent watching the darkness at noon fill the sky.

Item unpacked. Aha, I don't have to read the instructions! Nothing to "read". All done with pictures. Bad pictures. Very bad pictures! EVIL PICTURES, EVIL UNHELPFUL PICTURES!!!

(Good-woman Sedgwick was similarly unhelpful. "NO, we can't repair that bit with wood glue. Anyhow people won't be able to see the gaping wound if we sit them all on top of the fridge.")

The rest is history and a decree absolute.

Posted by Sedgwick at June 14, 2004 03:42 PM

Having beaten the track once through Ikea's primary coloured jungle, making a slight diversion to lights that disoriented, I'm not keen to revisit that claustrophobic site of loose cutlery and pieces of crate.
Not even on such a nasty day. Much better to arrange the rabbit ears and revisit Brideshead instead.
Must mark it in televsion diary for next week.
I did venture out with dogs - carefully waiting for a heavy shower. Not another soul was out.
All must have been loitering around the entendres of Ikea.
Posted by boynton at June 15, 2004 12:15 AM

Never visited Ikea but have done Tangier and the weather and furniture there was anything but "nasty" - although the "bar" I visited where Guy Burgess and Bill Burroughs used to mingle with some of the more nubile natives was something damn close to it.

Incidentally, bugger all dogs in Morocco but the cats were another story.

We walked into what appeared to be a mini-riot in the Grand Socco (the old Medina town square) which turned out to be about 30 blokes threatening to rough up a truck driver 'cos he nearly backed over a kitten. They were not quite the savage, careless of life Moors of lore you've been led to expect by certain elements of the media and blogosphere.

There ya go yer Excellency, yer not the only garrulous rambler around these parts.
Posted by Nabakov at June 15, 2004 10:07 PM

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