Wednesday, June 02, 2004

air texting

My first thought on reading about air texting - phones with LED floating messages - was a sense of despair.
Here comes the litter...
Not enough to hear the duck quack of dumb curses everywhere, now we'll have to see the effin oaths, see the monotonous spray.
Keep a lid on it kidz. Be Quiet! Be Blank!

But my next thought was of the theatrical possibilities of air text...
Hmm...suddenly subtext...

Meanwhile I've never had a mobile and they've already gone sufficiently retro for me to get interested.
We're finding ourselves feeling nostalgic about brick phones of the 80's or even early nokias from a decade ago...As they've become more futuristic, phones have also become smaller and smaller, heading towards a state of invisibility. Why Pokia (via unity of multi)

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