Friday, November 21, 2008


We almost missed the wonderful Peter and The Wolf when it screened quietly on Tuesday at 10.

Luckily it's repeated on ABC2 this Sunday at 7.


Bwca said...

I was channel-hopping and landed on it just as something horrible happened to an animal and quickly moved on.

and to everybody who is thrilled by the cattle stampede in That Appalling Movie*, please think of the cattle who were injured well before Take 2.

* Not-Our Nic & ClosetBoy

boynton said...

Another reason I won't be seeing that aus film.

But Peter and The Wolf is beautifully done, Bwca, and despite the obvious sad fate for one poor animal, I think you'd approve of the ending.

Lunar Brogue said...

I'm convinced that That Appalling Movie is not what it claims to be. That it is, in fact, an epic Australian ad cunningly disguised as a epic Australian cliche!

(Forgive me.)

Amusing that in yesterday's Herald, Miranda Devine bemoaned the "dishonest patriotism" of critics who laud such films as Little Fish, Somersault and Suburban Mayhem before implying that That Appalling Movie provides a more truthful representation of Australia.

The goodwill showered on [That Appalling Movie], a week before it hits the cinema screens, is an indication Australian audiences are desperate for a home-grown movie they can embrace. But they will not be drawn into some grim junkie guilt-fest that does not represent any Australia they know or care about, regardless of glowing reviews.

Ann O'Dyne said...

"desperate for a home-grown movie they can embrace"
Lantana, Crocodile Dundee, The Castle, Young Einstein dear Miranda?

and dear Miranda? the goodwill is being showered from all the sources owned by Rupert MurFOX.

boynton said...

it represents an antidote to the nihilism of Hollywood's latest offerings.

Where's an antidote to nihilsim? Which state?

The murdoch onslaught has prejudiced me. The movie would seem to be part Olympic opening ceremony, part tourist brochure inside a publication. The opening ceremony inc.'s allegedly post-modernist tendencies do not mitigate the dullness of nationalistic pageantry.

(But Peter and The Wolf was again very good)