Monday, November 03, 2008

cup eve

Some scenes from National Velvet - the TV show.

(I've been waiting for nv to make an appearance on the yt nostalgia machine.)


That's So Pants said...

Awww. I loved that show. Velvet was so pouty and bad tempered, like a proto Paris Hilton, but with intelligence.



boynton said...

Yes, she was very pouty, and petulant.
In fact, that was one TV family that hinted at dysfunction - or at least normal everyday disharmony.

Ann O'Dyne said...

NV has 2 good chances to be broadcast sometime soon - Mickey Rooney is still alive at about 110 and that monument of a woman Dame Elizabeth Taylor is not going very well at all ... she's been earning her own living since she was 9 and her jewels are worth more than The Other English Elizabeth's.

boynton said...


I think NV - the TV show- is a rarer fish than NV the 1944 movie.
It was such a perennial, like Gilligan, that its obscurity is quite strange.