Monday, November 10, 2008

shoes two

Update on the shoes:

It seems we're in good company...

Just Jared: Natalie

Natalie and Charlie


(seen via herald sun)


Francis Xavier Holden said...

You'll be pleased to know I had to google around to see who she was/is.

I looked up all her fillums and I can say I haven't seen even a one.

"She does not eat animal products or wear fur, feathers or leather. "All of my shoes are from Target and Stella McCartney", she says"

Francis Xavier Holden said...

Oh I used to be disgusted

and now I try to be amused.

But since their wings have got rusted,

you know, the angels wanna wear my red shoes.

But when they told me 'bout their side of the bargain,

that's when I knew that I could not refuse.

And I won't get any older, now the angels wanna wear my red shoes.

Ann O'Dyne said...

well Miss B, shoes come in pairs, so posts about them should come in pairs also.

Red Shoes: His Holiness The Pope, and Moira Shearer en pointe. Natalie who?

To me, it is she who
is "in good company" Miss B.

boynton said...

I saw Closer
Cast was good, didn't like the film.

Stella @ Target, maybe?
Target's too pricey for me.

Angels? flo-ating by?

And Dorothy's in the mix there too Ann, I guess.
'sno place like rome.

peacay said...

So she surfs the web of Melbournia for fashion tips? Surely you're entitled to a stylist fee?

boynton said...


(my style is prêt-à-pedestrian)

Ann O'Dyne said...

the red shoes in your banner heading are pretty cool too - the foot language speaks

boynton said...


The green ones are pretty forward too.