Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Actually, those red shoes in the banner image appear in a Life Cook Book circa 1960 in my possession.

I searched for the image to no avail at the LIFE photo archive hosted by Google via J walk

But I did find some related images on a modernistic theme

one can easily jump around while watching television.

watering plants in the living room

Family and friends sitting in a modern home, with lots of glass

at his push-button house displaying guests sitting on the couch and playing bridge during a cocktail-party.


Ann O'Dyne said...

more like "get a LIFE" - thanks a lot, I was LOST in there for HOURS.
it's fabulous.

Lunar Brogue said...

Can you imagine Paris Hilton playing bridge at a cocktail party!

kayla said...

That would be hilarious! Paris Hilton is a joke

boynton said...

Yep, A'OD, I could spend hours there too. Maybe I should create a new category: Timesink for things like Life, Look and Learn, Ladybird etc.

No Trumps...

(and there must be a dummy joke there somewhere)

also, forgot the birdy num num

Bwca said...

re Birdy Num-Num ... photo don't open so good in narrow Comment window.
You could go to your Settings, click Comments, and choose the "Comments open in whole page/window" option.
I just discovered this myself.

boynton said...

Yep, I'm one of the few remaining bloggers who like the pop-up window for comments, (must be a throw back to 2002 when as a blogspot blogger, it seemed so chic in MT blogs) but wrestle with the consequences.

In Firefox, you can right click on the link to open in new window.
or click on the permalink to bypass the pop-up...