Wednesday, November 12, 2008


At, all of Peanuts online... via Daily Jive

That was a blast from the past. I spent an hour or so yesterday in the early fifties looking for a strip I read in the early seventies. I was looking for mid-century interiors, commentary thereof. I think this might be it:

and who knew there would be a strip about blogging, or blog ennui


Tony.T said...

Dagwood and Blennui.


That pun worse than boring.

boynton said...

you should talk to your blog about it

Bwca said...

oh that frame looks like very early Peanuts.
That interior-style is best seen pimped-up in 1950's Technicolour movies and I love it.

boynton said...

I love it too.

Was fascinating to browse through the very early peanuts, and to see the evolution of style and characters.
As a child, I had a couple of books from this era. I think they're my favourite.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"What in the world is a rocking chair?"

It's what Garfield sits in with Clarice Starling (no relation to Woodstock - allegedly) when eating his lasagne with a little Chianti.

"who knew there would be a strip about blogging,"

As opposed to my blogroll which is very knowingly up to dolly's wax about blogs about stripping.

Ann O'Dyne said...

I'm on a Peanuts Shelfari

boynton said...

convergence via google
Your blogroll rocks...

Facebook for books? Bookbook?