Thursday, November 27, 2008


7.30 Life After People
Documentary. A hypothetical
examination of what the planet
would be like if every human being
on Earth suddenly disappeared.
(Includes Powerball draw)

- the Age Green Guide


Lunar Brogue said...

I dare not imagine what a real examination would uncover.

But to many the chance is already lost. A mighty globe-like meteor will knock us out of orbit - into infinity (echo echo). It is simply, for livers and losers, a cosmic numbers game.

boynton said...


TimT said...

Some years ago in a Newcastle bookstore on Hunter Street I uncovered this curious picture book for adults by Dougal Dixon. Although his narration and pseudo-scientific explanations pales in significance when compared to the artwork in the same book.

Somewhat in the same vein, I have A Gap in Nature, by Tim Flannery and Peter Schouten (the artist), a collection of illustrations of extinct animals - a kind of 'Gould's book' of a world that has been and gone.

Guess this sort of illustrated book is a kind of genre all of its own.

boynton said...

Some of the Animals of After Man also sound like Cocktail types:
Long Necked Dipper, Picktooth and Unnamed predatory bird...

And Pfrit sounds like the curse of not winning Powerball even After People. (when your chances must be pretty good even though the prize pool is diminished)

A Gap in Nature looks like a beautifully sad read. I might seek that one out.