Friday, June 30, 2006

the most

Jonathan Rosenbaum, critic, Chicago Reader
I'm very fortunate in being able to cite Jacques Tati's Playtime as both the film I've seen the greatest number of times and my favorite movie. I first saw it 38 years ago and suspect I've seen it somewhere between 30 and 40 times. I like to see it again and again because I find it inexhaustible, the way a favorite piece of music is, and something that never looks exactly the same when I see it again because I watch it differently; each time, my gaze dances in a somewhat different way to Tati's choreography
What movie have you seen the most? That's the question Slate asked a collection of filmmakers and critic

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Juke said...

Movin em way on down screen?

Ampersand Duck said...

I'm ashamed to say the movie I've watched the most, but what I will say is that Jacques Tati ROCKS. You have exquisite taste.

Gummo Trotsky said...

I have a sad suspicion that the movie I've seen the most is something like Above us the Waves, Doctor in the House or one of the "Carry On" films. As to the ones I've gone out to see the most, well, that's another story. Either Casablanca or The Seventh Seal but I'm no longer sure which.

Armaniac said...

I think it would be one of the following:

Apocalypse now (esp if you include both original and the even better redux)

Bruce Lee's Fists of Fury


Yes I know, I'm a child at heart!

Dick said...

Lindsay Anderson's 'If'. David Lean's 'Brief Encounter', John Ford's 'The Grapes of Wrath', Peckinpah's 'The Wild Bunch'. These circulate during any given year.

Tony.T said...

Once Upon a Time in the West, Withnail, Ride Lonesome, Maltese Falcon, et al.

boynton said...

Juke - you can read my blog like a book.

AD - Mais oui he does, but to confess I'm only aspiring to make Playtime my Most watched film. Probably half a dozen times, but it is certainly looks different each time.

I have a sad suspicion that it's The Sound of Music...A few times as a child and then on teev every other week.
Maybe musicals are easier to watch over and over?
GWTW is pretty high on the list - and prob the film I've gone out to see the most. (Nostalgia and because I saw it at that critical age of nine). But Playtime is catching up.
I know what you mean about "Above us the Waves", GT. That's constantly on ABC overnight - isn't it, along with Love Story and Doctors.
Wish I had seen Grapes of Wrath more than twice - must try to hire it somehow.
et al.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm afraid mine would be Sound of Music, too. Or maybe Viva Las Vegas..?

wen said...

That was me, sorry.

boynton said...

the sound of elvis.
(Missed it when it was last on at the Astor)

Link said...

I was trying to come up with a film I'd seen twice (even) as I read the comments. But then, ahah, (oh dear), the hills are alive !#@%&*!? alright--already! But then, what good is sitting all alone in your room, (I wonder).

Is Playtime the one with dinky house and the lawn?

Gummo Trotsky said...

Non. Ceci est Mon Oncle.

michelle said...

great article. For me it would be Sunset Boulevard and All About Eve. I just posted my favorite 100 list of films...

Anonymous said...

Car Blast Kills 6; U.S., Iraqi Forces Raid Hospital for Insurgents

wow this is soemthing

Link said...

Thank you. I've only seen the one.

worldpeace_and_aspeedboat said...

followed a link from Zoe about Mr Widdle and end up here - hello Ducky!

you both have *fab* taste in Jacques Tati. I think Mon Oncle is my fav, then Jour de Fete, Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot, Playtime, in that order. I don't actually know if I've seen Trafic... have either of you?

I've gotten two titles on DVD from Borders for only $20, but the boxed set is what I lust after... it looks so lovely...

worldpeace_and_aspeedboat said...


Nabakov said...

Dunno the name but it's that 40s B&W English one the ABC persist in showing in the wee small hours. Or it may be several diffferent movies but it's hard to tell.

Yes Tati's infinitely watchable and for me Traffic would probably just pip Playtime and Holiday.

One film I've watched dozens of time and never tire of is Network. It's only gotter sharper with age and is the perfect marriage of script, casting and acting.

And beyond its central theme, I think some people have forgotten it's also a brillant study of crumbling human emotions centered around Holden's collapsing marriage.

And of course it has the best contract negotiation scene in cinema history.

FXH said...

Mostly I never contemplate watching a movie more than once. Biggest waste of money is a DVD or a movie. Twice is about my limit. Due to the joy and burden of producing offspring I have seen BMX Bandits more than a few times and I must say it remains Our Nicole's best movie. For similar reasons I have seen Tony Hawke and a few other sk8brd movies (docos?).

Deliberately going out and seeing a movie at the live big screen - only a few - Bladerunner X 3, 2001 x 2, Rocky Horror x 3, Blues Brothers x 2 and accidently, but not without enjoyment, Analyse This x 2(or was it That?).

TV or Video - most Elvis movies by a few times, Tati films a few times, Kid Creole the most, The Producers (original)x many many times, Mystery Train, Carry On movies - any time they are on, most musicals x many times, all Marx Bros, Some Like It Hot, and one of my secret favs - The (original) Shaggy Dog.

FXH said...

Biggest waste of money is a DVD ...of.... a movie

boynton said...

Link: there's heaps of seen it 2 or 3 times but not many beyond that. Keep running into those !#@%&*!? hills these days without even meaning to. Mon Oncle got me hooked.

Michelle: I've only seen those once. I like your list and will seek out those I haven't seen.

and aspeedboat: My Housemate has the boxed Tati set, and I got to see 2 of them on a Big Screen chez nous in Summer. Actually I think I chnaged the order after that and Mon Oncle was favourite again, maybe because I saw Playtime at the end of a long homecinema session.
I think Tati works better as a one off - too dense for double features.
Yeah - Tativille is formidable.

Hey Nabs, I read Phillip Adams on Network and decided I'd better take another look. One for a grogflog?
One of the best of those BW English weesmall films is a strange gem about bicycle racing (I think) A Boy a Girl and A Bike. I've seen it about 2 and 3/8 times.

FX: I missed BMX bandits - didn't even get to take niblings.
I used to think buying a DVD was biggest waste of money too, but then I bought 3rd man for $2:99 at JB.
And Holiday. I'd buy others of my ilk that you never get to see on teev if the price was right.
Carry on Films - and the Doctor movies I can watch in the weesmall hours.
Producers x 3 - and I would buy would buy that DVD I think.