Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I was lucky to add to my modest Blyton Collection recently with a 1963 anthology which includes the story:

I believe this is quite a rare title.


pk said...

I seem to recall taking 2 weeks off school in Year 3 to read Bimbo & Topsy. It was not a widdle book.
I've always suspected I missed out not reading The Famous Five et al.

boynton said...

My reading of EB was patchy. My collection is poor - well widdle weak really.
But funny how the recollection is good once you settle into a story like The Little Singing Kettle - the opening tale.

Nabakov said...

The illustration's a bit dodgy too. I think I can see Mr Stiffy there.

But looking forward to the sequel, "Five Go Examining Prostates."

Lucy Tartan said...

Mrs Widdle is one to talk. She's the bigger fool, as far as I can tell, marrying a name like that....

Mr Widdle should run her down in the ride-on mower.

Nabakov said...

Then her arse would really be grass.

Also my previous comment is poorly phrased for which I apologise to all Blyton fans.

It should have read "Mister Stiffy".

As always, the devil is in the details.

Anonymous said...

Al Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Kidnapping of GIs

this war is getting pretty gruesome

pk said...

But it's just a widdle war.

Brownie said...

In the late 1950's The Magic Faraway Tree was read daily on the radio by "Billie & Binnie" and primary-school children just rushed home to hear it.
How different from present time.

Gummo Trotsky said...

It's the poor little Widdles I feel sorry for - particularly young William.

Juke said...

Widdle wehicles

boynton said...

Mais oui, Nabakov.
Mister Widdle on the Table? Messrs. Widdle and Twiddle Go Under the Knife?
(btw - Mr S might be a common enough commuter On the train, but I did witness a Mr Widdle on the Lilydale line once upon a time.)

yes Laura, wonder what her nee was pre wee?

Mister Fox on the case.

Well I did love the Faraway tree, Brownie. (Now that's a blytonesque name) Am I tirribly naive to think kids might still do that?

Not to mention wee Percy or Richard maybe? (This thread has been so much fun to write)

Hey Juke. That's a motorcar straight from Blyton.And collectable:
they were underwhelmed by orders, and only some 28 were sold.
here's one in yellow

Not many Australians bought the Lightburn Zeta Sports either even though it could do seventy miles an hour. It might have had something to do with the fact that the quirky little Sports was also made of fibreglass.*

Dick said...

I was, for a while (& to my parents' deep distress) devoted to Mary Mouse, uncomplaining servant to a family of dolls. I came across my collection of these curious little 4-frame-sized books the other day & was appalled at the relentless emphasis in each story on punishment & weeping. Jesus, MB had some issues, didn't she?

boynton said...

I think her use of the tag question is curious, don't you?
(Uncertainty, or deffering to an imaginary ally?)

Apparently Mary Mouse books are very collectible