Thursday, June 29, 2006


I missed a photo opportunity out walking the dog last weekend possibly when World Cup Fever was at its peak. There in the creek, at the base of the rocks, what did I see but a soccer ball resting casuallly like everyday pond-life or some optical illusion brought on by round ball square eyes.

I had no camera. But naturally the caption would have been Soccer Rocks

As a substitute and to move Widdle downscreen, I've uploaded this pic from Google Images Soccer Rocks*

And does Soccer anymore?..Even though the school holidayed parks are full of social dribbling, I passed a pleasant half hour this afternoon playing kick-to-kick with a non-round football with my niece and nephews.
Not diving, kicking.


Mister Spooner said...

Jolly ho! Doubtless a k-t-k with a non-round football featuring drop torpedoes, banana checkside handballs and the occasional up-country punt.

pk said...

Social dribbling is the only sport, once you read a certain age.

B, that pic is a T.E.A.S.E. I fully expected someone to be getting their rocks off.

boynton said...

Yeahno. I took it one kick at a time, Mister S.
Guess you're not talking about a a Punditry Cup (which could be awarded to foot-in-mouth football commentators maybe)

Yes pk, it was the most intriguing photo from the pool I thought.