Tuesday, June 13, 2006

crowd pul

I got talkin' World Cup to Sternest Meanings
(My script came straight from the Channel Ten News)

webuser: What a magic start for Australia
sternest: I am a castigator as wrathful rat.
webuser: fans go wild as the world game
sternest: Old woman wriggles fatheads
webuser: the world game comes of age
sternest: Wotcha! Greedsome of gleam
webuser: biggest stage in world sport
sternest: Top-dog brattiness wriggles.
webuser: an excercise in keeping your cool
sternest: Loony, sick inexperience courage.
webuser: keeping your cool, literally
sternest: Croakily ugly, lonelier poet.

webuser: From Ten news
sternest: Now ferments.

Sternest Meanings via The Presurfer


Nabakov said...

Now that's some cup suppin' pantaloon posey that's really kicking gaols.

boynton said...

no news ever sounded so good
Devoured woodenness goons.

(I wish TV's had a Sternest Meanings teletext service to make the next 3 weeks comprehensible)

MG said...

Cranky little thing. But I think it likes you: boynton = to bonny.

boynton said...

webuser: twists and turns
sternest: Isn't trusts dawn.

webuser: What else is there but to bonny?
sternest: Not healthy, stubborn sweetie.

Tony.T said...

webuser: guus the boss
sternest: Bugs, hot uses.

boynton said...

webuser: coach delivers masterstroke
sternest: Hoarsest clever dick maestro.