Friday, June 16, 2006


I just discovered HaloScan has restored comments at my old Blogspot site. On this slow connection there's a nice moment of watching (0)'s turn to (3) (for example) on each page, which gives the whole thing a feeling of awakening. A revival of frozen archives and lost voices.

It seems I first installed comments here, a post about (what else) my (late) dog, which is appropriate for today, bloomsday and dougsday.


Link said...

It just happens eh? Old posts on my blog read 0 comments even when there is some. or is that are some or were some.

Happy or is that sad? dogus day.
Dogs(r)us. ruff.

Link said...

Didn't mean to sound catlous, I've got an anniversary coming up and its a sad thing really.

boynton said...

Maybe it's been back for a while - but they all used to read 0.
(And no - they weren't even hiding)
Thought I'd lost some great comments along the way.

(Last year was sad)