Thursday, June 08, 2006


From a book I purchased today: The New Illustrated Medical and Health Encylopedia

This vast storehouse of comprehensive, authoratative and outspoken information will serve you well by helping you to understand yourself better


Helen said...

“Muriel realised that, in her haste to finish before her Canasta club, she had unfortunately removed the wrong organ.”

(Isn't he a sweetie?!)

boynton said...

Heh. I should have made this the 2nd boyntonesque Caption Contest.

You can't see it in this shot, but he appears to have a blue discharge from his nose.
I wish I had the full set of 14 volumes so I could browse the graphical charts and make a diagnosis. I only have Abasia to Arthritis

Brownie said...

he looks like he has both of those and deserves to; and no Helen he is not a 'sweetie' he is 9 years old. None of them progress past 9 years old.

boynton said...

I saw him as Patient.
Not im.

On words alone, I wish I had Vol 12 Septicemia to Space Medicine. - although 5 Drugs and their Uses to Fatigue sounds intriguing too.
I wonder if that's the volume she's consulting.

Zoe said...

God forbid anyone should allow a virgo to look in those books.

boynton said...

Lucky this virgo only has one volume ;)

Crystal said...

There are more Virgo bloggers than any other sign.

boynton said...

On the cusp of infovore and bore? ;)