Friday, May 05, 2006

too much

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I arranged this sequence from a Google Image Search Too Much Cricket.
As you do. As you do when you see a link to a Live World Cricket Map. (via things)
The world cricket map is also available as a Google Hompage Module.

(Of course, this is not so timely now that the cricket calendar has finally eased. Now there's too much football... but that's another story)


Kent said...

So much triumph by Hawthorn is never enough! ;)

boynton said...

You know, as a Sth Melb/Syd supporter... even I agree.
Things seem wrong when Hawthorn is on the bottom of the ladder.
(That feeling doesn't extend to Carlton though)

Kent said...

Or Richmond.

Brownie said...

I had to follow the link to Harold Pinter .org - many happy hours spent studying the members of his cricket team - wine merchants, actors and an Australian lawyer.
Pinter has a Nobel Prize for writing, so buy some good wines and play some cricket and you too could be like him.

Brownie said...

"you too could be like him" - I meant a Nobel prize winning playwright, not a drunken cricketer.
This, hopefully,links to the team.

boynton said...

Or Essendon.

Yes I think that pic was my favourite, with its curly url.
But following your link I find that the google caption is the exact opposite of the text within its original context. Which is the element one can value in the google-image draw.

Gummo Trotsky said...

Best on-line cricket game ever.

boynton said...


There's a nice piece of choreography with batsman and fielder if you let the game run itself out...