Friday, May 12, 2006


So far you know it in such a way:
Kitchen work-with ways like a marathoner.
This belongs now to the past!
You don't need to walk to the stove the stove comes to you
Views of the Circular Kitchen

via J walk


pk said...

I like it! Although the design of the possibly stove working away while tucked in the back might keep me up nights on holidays.

pk said...

Let's just assume 'possibly' and 'stove' are occupying each other's space.

FXH said...

I can't see how I could chop up stuf fon the bench and chuck it in th epot on stove and have water running in sink to wash hands etc.

I can see a Charlie Chaplin like scenario with the kitchen spinning around and around as button was pushed to often and things spinning past and having 5 pots on stove water running with plug IN sink and door stuck shut and unable to access unit to turn anything off.

boynton said...

pk: when sentences spin. the words move

Yes I saw Chaplin and Lucy and Tati-esque events happening, FX.

Jane, stop this crazy thing

Tony.T said...

I was thinking The Marx Brothers.

boynton said...

Duck! Soup...?

I was thinking Smart.
Agent 43.

TimT said...

Does the kitchen come with the girl?

boynton said...

The words in that sentence should not be moved around.