Tuesday, May 30, 2006

747 house

"We are trying to use every piece of this aircraft, much like an Indian would use a buffalo," says Mr. Hertz.

He says the eight buildings will be scattered across the terraced hillside as if it were a "crash site." As it happens, the site lies under a jet flight path into Los Angeles International Airport. That concerns the Federal Aviation Administration, which has asked Mr. Hertz to paint special numbers on the wing pieces to alert pilots that Ms. Rehwald's retreat is not a crashed jumbo jet.
West Coast Woman To Build Crash Pad Out of an Old 747
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Nabakov said...

Bet the toilets are really cramped though.

Anonymous said...

quite a surprise

Canadians Healthier Than Americans

pk said...

I really really really don't get foxnewz spammery. I guess it's by companies who build or support or whatever the advertisers at the foxy site. I wonder if the foxy people know it happens (I've had it maybe 5 times or so).
I hope they don't sleep comfortably in their jet houses.

boynton said...

and will the kitchen be compromised?

I'm starting to welcome Mr Fox's input, pk ;)