Wednesday, May 03, 2006


singing as they dance

I was inspired by the photo at wood s lot to find some local maypole pics.
The European Spring/fertility ritual was quite popular in the Antipodean mid Autumn.

I like this photo where the Gum is framed.


Nabakov said...

Just saw "The Wicker Man" again for the first time in yonks (the original director's cut too). It's got a great maypole scene. I'd forgotten what a riot fertility rites could be.

boynton said...

I look forward to seeing it... for the first time.

Nabakov said...

"I look forward to seeing it... for the first time."

Rilly? Never seen it before? This screening is so on. You are just gonna love it. It's not a horror film (as it's so often described) but rather a wonderful and well researched otherworldy flick about paganism clashing headlong with Christian law. And a fantastic soundtrack too.

ramage said...

Further on the subject of maypoles, don't you just know that this picture of order and neatness presages an accident waiting to happen?

Pupils at Abbey Street School, Nuneaton, posing with maypole in school hall. 1900s

boynton said...

Lock it in, Mr N.

Ramage: Yes the classroom calm is definitely uneasy. Something is afoot. Perhaps the pianist has a hand in it. Sudden melodic insurgency.

(Abbey Street has a musical ring to it...)