Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Two children sitting with a badly damaged piano amongst the debris from the Port Douglas cyclone of 1911



Brownie said...

The photo labeller did not look too carefully - piano has all it's keys, bit of tuning and it was probably alright. Good to see the hatted-children have not let the cyclone affect their dress standards and the hats must have been pinned on to stay put, judging by the fierce angle of the distant palm fronds.

boynton said...

It became a wind instrument.

I like the categories:
storm damaged buildings
boaters (hats)
Port Douglas - Cyclones, 1911

I wonder how many more cyclone/boater combos there are out there.

Brownie said...

"From left: Emily Tuttle in straw boater hat holds morsel, unidentified man with long gray beard, woman with striped ... Photo taken with Cyclone camera. ... - 35k - Cached - Similar pages"

boynton said...

That's a great link, Brownie. Thanks. Much poetry of the cataloguer at Picnickers.

Pebbly ground, low bluf

Emily Tuttle in leg-o-mutton sleeves holds fruit, Floyd Tuttle holds watermelon slice, Winnifred (moved) holds fruit, bare-footed Gladys holds watermelon slice.