Tuesday, November 23, 2004

petrol pix

the chic picnic shot I hit to Sedgwick* in the comments was found after searching for an old engraving I had once seen. Who knew picnic could deliver such riches or so many pages at the NLA Picture catalogue?

This was another:
I think Ted and Paxie worked for Ampol and Caltex.

This is a fabulous Collection - and I've only browsed the middle range of pages rather randomly. But the descriptions alone are so good, you can take your pick:

The premier of South Australia, Thomas Playford, displaying great interest in the new Ampol electric pump during the opening of the Birkenhead terminal, 29 September, 1950

Sir James Bisset, right, presenting a barometer to Thomas Playford, premier of South Australia, during the opening of the Birkenhead terminal, 29 September, 1950

Mrs. J. Robertson, Mrs. B. Weaver, Mrs. F. Egginton and Mrs. J. Evans in a class studying the recording of lubrication services conducted by A. Hollings at a merchandising school for lady service station operators, Flinders Park, South Australia, May, 1953

Portrait taken at the Birkenhead shipping terminal office of the Ampol programme sellers for the Jack Davey Ampol Show New Year's Eve special for charity held at the Davis cup arena, December, 1956

and my current favourite where the photo outdoes the description:

Mr. A. Hollings, Superintendent Marketing Development, demonstrating to Merchandisers the advantages of the new modern service station layouts in front of a map of Adelaide, April 1953

*any alt readings of the pix and misc. marginalia by Sedge would be most illuminating

Comments: petrol pix

Damn you boynton, and damn your picnic link to Hell!

Yesterday I spent far too much time at the NLA site than is good for my futile imagination. (Such treasure troves are sirens to the ear bent - and a mind similarly inclined to procrastination.)

I feel a series coming on - vs a one-dayer. Caption heaven is the NLA site. (And do they have rabbits?! Akubras by the ute load!)
Posted by Sedgwick at November 23, 2004 01:40 PM

You should try it on dial-up with a sluggISH ISP!
The treasure unfurls v-e-r-y slowly, but wot else can ya do with such a trove.

I was so enlightened by your reading of the pic.pic. that I was actually thinking this could be a good thing to do here. (snap) NLA Saturday or something. One photo for a slow day. With commentary. Hmmm...procrastinating...

(One link only - unlike today - when there are simply too many blue links for people to click through - but I just loved all those photos/desciptions and I didn't even get to the "wristlet and travelling rug" one)
Posted by boynton at November 23, 2004 01:57 PM

NLA Saturday ... bring it on!
Posted by Sedgwick at November 23, 2004 04:43 PM

alt. misc pix and marginalia all in one line. Impressive.

FXH - your site doesn't remember me. must be the new haircut or the tie nabakov recommended.
Posted by at November 24, 2004 12:15 PM

Yep - I thought it was a good line, taut and tautological at the same time ;)

when it doesn't remember you - it leaves a silent gap in the recent comments to symbolise amnesia I guess.

btw - hope I didn't somehow souvenir your Pen, FX?
Posted by boynton at November 24, 2004 12:24 PM

that is - I seem to have acquired (somehow) a very good pen - quite different to my usual no name cleanskin bic.
Thought it may have been in the exchanging of links at the blogger's do (what else would you expect bloggers to do)
Then again it may have been from Trivia etc...

Feel free to return to topic.
Posted by boynton at November 24, 2004 03:49 PM

mmh re pen - its possible, but I don't seem to be missing my good one/s.
In my job as Investment and Spiritual Advisor to the Victorian Jesuit Gaming Services I often get pens at conferences. Does it look like a conference pen?

PS: That's in Vestments.
Posted by FXH at November 25, 2004 02:07 PM

A conference pen? It isn't branded...
in fact I just scanned it very badly

(Hope it's not yours (or that of any other blogger) now. Scanning and paintshopping have made me rather attached to it.
Posted by boynton at November 25, 2004 03:24 PM

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