Tuesday, November 23, 2004

dog tale

She turned her back for a minute, and when she looked round, the dogs had disappeared

On Friday a friend asked me what I thought of the dogs falling off a cliff story... I felt rather shamefaced to admit I was not well versed in the topic.
(He didn't tell me that one of the dogs involved was a black labrador.)
I was reminded of the story via diversionz and then found this account which reads like a cross between a fairy tale and a nineteenth century shipwreck report along the Port Campbell coast.

'I walked along the cliff top to see if they were up there and everyone I saw I spoke to and stopped, asking if they had seen the dogs.
'By the time I got home with my children from school we went out again and searched.
'The night was drawing in and it was getting foggy.
'We had to stop looking for them.'
As darkness fell the dogs still hadn't been found.

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