Tuesday, November 29, 2005

tennis ball

North Western Tennis Association

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Aaahh. I always wondered where they kept their balls.

[My matinee show seems to go over well, honest.]
Posted by peacay at November 30, 2005 05:49 PM

Balls boys.
Posted by Tony.T at November 30, 2005 06:21 PM

It's hard to ignore the double entendre...

A North Western courting ritual?
(If so, the man in with the ciggie has the nonchalant Advantage)
Posted by boynton at December 1, 2005 11:32 AM

Mm. Decidedly unscientific of him.
Posted by peacay at December 1, 2005 03:07 PM

great link, peacay.

The science of Cporrect posture?
must be the silent p.
Posted by boynton at December 1, 2005 04:06 PM

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