Thursday, November 17, 2005

caption close

The inaugural caption contest will close within 24 hours.


Just as it disappears off the scroll, entries are closed at comment 27. Thank you for your response.
In curly matters of judgement, I knew there would be some system available to determine the best entry, either in a hat or on the net and the latter has not let me down. You may see who the winner is here. (If you key in 1 and 27)

First prize is either a passionate kiss with your choice of partner in a public place or a bunch of daffodils.*

conditions apply

Comments: caption close

Just one last caption cook.
Posted by Tony.T at November 17, 2005 11:44 AM

I'll endeavour to cap the comments soon
Posted by boynton at November 17, 2005 11:48 AM

Well, according to my random number, (3), Boynton wins! Boo!!

Actually, that's okay. I didn't want 1st place anyhow. Don't like the prize. Would prefer the promised can o'worms. Is that 2nd, 3rd, or 4th?
Alternatively, could I have the key? (seeings Miss B has already run off with the rollerskates?)

Posted by wen at November 18, 2005 12:19 PM

Really? "I could use every item in any of those prize categories."

According to my latest figures, #16 wins. That's Helen. Congratulations.
Posted by boynton at November 18, 2005 12:33 PM

You'll never believe it - No.5. (Quite obviously the number generator has exquisite taste.)

I rock!
Posted by Tony.T at November 20, 2005 02:33 PM

well - err... that was the first result I got actually. I assumed it was some sort of malfuntion.

I just rechecked: #18...

No comment.

Have you rigged it, Tony?
Posted by boynton at November 20, 2005 02:48 PM

No need.
Posted by Tony.T at November 20, 2005 05:32 PM

After entering various combinations of numbers a dozen or so times, I can now confirm I won. In your face losers!
Posted by Nabakov at November 21, 2005 12:35 AM

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