Friday, June 10, 2005


I've put a few image-based blogs at the end of my links. I hope to add more.

Ephemera now These men are "making" an elm tree
This odd-looking contraption is part of a camouflage project for a war-industry plant.

The Boat Lullabies Square America, (Falling)

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The make elm trees the same way they make Christmas trees; isn't nature wonderful.
Posted by Tony.T at June 10, 2005 05:03 PM

A nightmare on 34th street?
Posted by boynton at June 10, 2005 05:59 PM

A T grows in Brooklyn.
Posted by Tony.T at June 10, 2005 06:02 PM

Too OT T
Posted by boynton at June 10, 2005 06:04 PM

May I humbly recommend Check Mark as an image-based blog of interest?
Posted by Mark at June 11, 2005 01:51 AM

Check, Mark.
Posted by boynton at June 11, 2005 12:39 PM

The Boat Lullabies "Square" series in fact...
' rocks...
Posted by boynton at June 14, 2005 12:09 AM

Speaking of camouflage, there’s Britain’s WWII Camouflage Development and Training Centre, which recruited a very eccentric collection of people including magicians, zoologists and surrealist artists. Like Bletchley Park but with sexy magic and arty stuff.

“…on one occasion he experimented with a matt green camouflage cream, smeared on the naked body of his lover and future wife, the American model and photographer Lee Miller. She lay on the grass of a friend's garden, delicately covered in netting taken from the raspberry patch. Penrose was delighted with the results, and concluded "that if you could hide such eye-catching attractions as hers from the invading Hun, smaller and less seductive areas of skin would stand an even better chance of becoming invisible".”

Yes, war is hell.
Posted by Nabakov at June 14, 2005 08:41 PM

Fabulous - I've been reading round those links.
Has the channel 4 film been and gone here? Had a feeling it might have been in The Secret War series recently?

Meanwhile you chaps might like the Art of Camouflauge
"Reprinted below are the photos and text from an April 10, 1944 LIFE Magazine article on the "art of camouflage.""
Posted by boynton at June 15, 2005 12:57 AM

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