Tuesday, October 05, 2004

footy films

A nice description of the game in Film Journal's Footy Film's Brilliant Mark: What Australian Rules Football Films Illuminate About Sports films
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However, this Yankee has been intrigued for some time by Footy, and a big reason is due to the Footy-specific "Mark." ... Besides this creative use of the crook of another player's neck, players will dive catch, leap over opponents, collide with opponents, jump with their legs out parallel to the ground to use their cleats to warn off approaching opposing players, or simply wait to catch the ball with no threats around them...
Yes, there is a similarity here with the mark and the American Tackle Football receiver catching a pass, but the leaping, laddering and leveraging of other players adds something unique to Footy.

The article discusses The Club and Australian Rules - The only two Footy films on DVD about which I am aware. There is another, A Salute To the Great McCarthy. Coincidentally I just viewed an Age photo showing the making of.

And The Big Men Fly is a much performed play that was adapted for ABC TV series in 1973 and I was recently telling a Yankee friend -who'd never heard of Aussie Rules - about a ballet which included a Football scene, The Display 1964.

Eventually Helpmann would claim that The Display, with his own choreography and scenario, music by Malcolm Williamson and designs by Sidney Nolan, was the first fully Australian ballet...It even featured an Aussie Rules football game and the dancers were coached for this part of the ballet by the football star Ron Barassi.Source

(Did I imagine it - or does Ron make a cameo appearance in The Club?)

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