Thursday, September 02, 2004


A depression in the sofa. You were here.

On the kitchen counter, a glass. You were here

Principle eleven

The Twelve Principles for Finding Lost Objects
(via diversionz)

Occasionally, our distress is such that not only do we overlook an object—we forget what we’re looking for! To avoid this, repeatedly murmur the name of the object. (“Potholder, potholder, potholder.”)
Principle Ten

Comments: lost

One thing about having a streamlined, minimalist house while most of my possessions are still in storage is that I haven't lost anything yet.

But I like the idea of wandering around murmuring potholder, potholder. I might do it anyway.
Posted by mcb at September 2, 2004 03:59 PM

Thank God for this. I still can't find a damn thing but I feel so much more philosophical about their disappearance.
Posted by Dick at September 2, 2004 04:33 PM

I've lost track of what I was gonna comment about.

I'll just retrace my clickstream.

Carry on.
Posted by Nabakov at September 2, 2004 11:45 PM

My tip would be to always look for something else other than whatever it is you've lost. The number of things I've found when I wasn't looking for them...
Posted by dave at September 3, 2004 08:15 AM

mcb - I like that particluar incantation too.
It sure beats: "Keys.Keys.Keys"

Not sure if the philosophy of disappearance is always reassuring, Dick."It's not lost. You are" It's possible that soon I will be chanting "potholder" around the clock ;)

N: Comment. Comment. Comment...

I think that might be one of the 12, Dave.
And (in all seriousness) I agree. The trick is to be able to stop looking.
Posted by boynton at September 3, 2004 01:34 PM

Did anyone suggest St Anthony - patron saint of lost objects - or has his intercession been misplaced by you godless heathens?

condolences for the loss of your faithful hound - he may well be cocking a leg on the gates of Zion, as we speak
Posted by nardo at September 5, 2004 12:40 PM

thanks, Nardo.
One of his favourite and most persistant activities.
Posted by boynton at September 7, 2004 12:55 PM

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