Saturday, January 03, 2009


Happy New Year



Helen said...

Happy New Year Boynt!

That picture is liable to give me nightmares, though.

boynton said...


Seen at Safeway.
I thought that it was victim of some eastern-subs-garden-variety-casual-walk-by vandalising, but was advised by companion that it meant theft. Of donated coins. Who knows.

(I thought the image meant something about new year's blog ennui/dog days again... ;)

Lunar Brogue said...

Theft of the poor creature's dignity! (Now not even a stray slot for the sightless.)

J said...

Does the head equate with dignity in the suburban Australian construction of the canine mind? Some seem to carry their dignity, such as it is, at the other end, no?

Lord Sedgwick said...

I blame Christo!

Caroline said...

As an image in context its a bit disturbing boyn. I've had to check back in, as I'd been waiting an esplanation--the one I came up with didn't quite gel ignite. I thought at first it was something to do with NYE fireworks and there'd been a terribly calamity and you'd gone all black onus. Had to keep looking to make sure it wasn't a real dog at the vet's or summit. But I guess a real dog with half his head blown off by firecrackers wouldn't be sitting up so perky, or so I told myself.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

a safe dog

boynton said...

One is not entirely certain about the exact location of a dog's dignity.

Or was it Father Christo? (ie One of his helpers)

Sorry for the disturbance, Caroline.
Was just one of those stray sights of the new year.


Tony said...

09 - Dr Who's other dog?

boynton said...