Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Slowly watching Brideshead Revisited again.

Have revived the coupe in preference to the flute.

Chemically incorrect, but we like it.


Ann oDyne said...

I just love the 1983 Brideshead, thank you set decorators, thank you costume designers.
And Jezza Irons showing the talent he got his Reversal Of Fortune Oscar for.
The coupe glass is more champagne-y than the flute, no doubt.

Now the photo: 1967 was a very MOD-y time, but the girl in the photo has the concurrent Look of the time, which we Mods used to call Toorak Tarts - those girls at costly schools who wore their mainly blonde hair in a straight fall all had a love-affair with BOWS. Flat black velvet or booffy chiffon bows secured by plastic combs. they still give me the creeps.

boynton said...

Enjoying it more than when I first saw it in 82. I love the slowness now; thinking time - akin to reading.

Yes indeed, the coupe glass seems much more bubbly.
And is it a trend?

I think the Toorak Tarts became (women who sport the) Boroondara Bobs?

Ann oDyne said...

yet again, I was lost for ages at your Linda-link.
so many amazing blogs, so little time.
Her photo of Grace Kelly's wedding party was a thrill, and ending her blog with Mr.Blanding's Dream House was perfect.
Cultural Frames Of Reference?
we haz them.

boynton said...

Yes - so many amazing blogs

always good to wander outside the circle/blog roll