Thursday, January 29, 2009

temp predicament

(Title coined by peacay)

For how can you not mention the weather in a Melbourne heatwave, in a house with no air conditioning, when it's on the way to 43 again, when the washing takes 10 minutes to dry, when the bird bath is tepid by four?

In a house without air conditioning, one finds relief in the cellar at night.

This is true and I seem to note it annually. But there are still no obvious articles about underground rooms as a sustainable alternative to the environmental scourge of air con. Seems pretty simple to me: if you're under six foot with a reasonably small footprint and like bad TV reception amid the eskis and wet-suits of storage, then this cellar is the place to be.


Ann oDyne said...

in webster st ballarat there is a large old house which is replicated underground, for the family to retreat to in summer.
I went through it when it was open for heritage weekend.
called Neider Weisel and operates a B&B (in a SC ground level cottage adjacent. probably has a web presence.)
The present owners are not as interesting as the pioneer owners.

Vets say wet towels keep dogs cool.

boynton said...

Thanks, Ann
Yes looks really interesting and worth a visit.
A less extravagant example nearby was one of the few google hits I had for 'underground rooms': Yurunga an underground living room for the hot weather
The (wealthy) victorian victorians might have been onto something.

Dogs ok at moment. Blueys and JRTs must be more heat tolerant than double-coated labs. Doug used to suffer and a wet towel was always the trick to lessen the panting.
I'm worried about the birds.

Tony.T said...

Idea: Call the cellar The Cavern.

Question: when perusing Oral History, must you wear a mask, glasses and a white coat?

(Answer: Unnngggg, yuahhhhh, gargle, spit.)

boynton said...

Or The Caverns?

(Who can say?)

peacay said...

Serenity now.

boynton said...

That looks like the ideal home to me right now!

I did look at Coober Pedy the first time I blogged about the cellar - but beyond xtrem climates and tourism, there doesn't seem to be much else. And nothing about an urban equivalent for these sweltering days. This one is yr very basic, under-the-house, c 1970 DIY extension, and it does the trick for heat respite.
No impact on environment, unlike the monster unit next door which hummed ALL NIGHT.
Haven't attempted to but am very tempted as the temp rises over 43 again and the house is oven-like.