Friday, January 23, 2009

fido friday

The couple's white Maltese poodle, called Sumo, has a history of frenzied fits and became increasingly prone to making "vicious, unprovoked attacks" despite receiving treatment with anti-depressants fox

Living dog-free is living in a world more ordinary. The Age


Caroline said...

"The couple, Mr and Mrs Chirac, have a history of extreme passive aggressiveness towards one another which generally culminates in extreme emotional tension and biting sarcasm. Their poodle Sumo, in a desperate bid to distract and defuse the situation, after years of repeatedly witnessing this beheviour, had tried everything, including, frenzied fits, eventually resorting to vicious and apparently unprovoked attacks in a desperate bid to make them wake up to themselves.

Despite receiving treatment with anti-depressants the couple are deeply neurotic and will undoubtedly remain so. Their psychological disturbances for which they take absolutely no personal responsibility has caused enormous upset of a quite unnatural nature, to their dog Sumo.

Ann oDyne said...

I wish I had not read that.
I have had the joy of a poodle.
They are highly intelligent.
I loathe nearly every pet owner I see.
stupid ugly thoughtless people walking their dogs on red hot concrete in the middle of the day; whizzing along on their bikes with breathless thirsting faithful Golden Retreivers frantically trying to keep up.
I hate people.

Caroline said...

I feel similarly Ann, but just occasionally one sees a truly truly happy dog smiling its little head off.

The kindest man I ever knew, a living saint, a vet up in the Mountains, confided to me that the biggest problem for his patients who presented with psychological disturbances were their owners. He lamented that he was powerless to do or say anything 'real' about it. Dogs have sensitivities we can only guess at, while our sensitivities have been subsumed under a thick crud of vain glorious bullshit.

Helen said...

I just spent a couple of days in the country with brother, brother's GF and the dog boarding kennel lady who put Ollie up for adoption.

Talking to her I found out that for part of his life he was tied up in a shed.


boynton said...

C: :)

A: :(

C: :-&

H: :'(

Ann oDyne said...

I eventually followed the link, and have to say that the doglet
(whose social-stance I support)
is n'est ce pas le poodle, pas,est une Bichon Frise.

At 12:30 today in the stonking heat I came toward a man walking a small fluffy dog on the red hot concrete.

I began by making a gentle suggestion.
it developed rapidly into a total brawl after his eastern european accent gave me a larger arena for insult than
"I hope you have prostate cancer and your dick drops off"
NAZI! NAZI collaborator!
I will wait for him tomorrow and get really really angry.
stay tuned.

boynton said...

At 12:30 today in the stonking heat I came toward a man walking a small fluffy dog on the red hot concrete.
defies belief, in the manner of many current stories...