Thursday, December 18, 2008

waht part

And speaking of googling and troogling, this question just landed at boynton from the searchers:

During this part?

Or on the cusp

os the next century?



genevieve said...

Cooda been some of my rellies watching said balloon at Victoria Park.

boynton said...

Victoria Park to Cardinia Park is a big leap? ;)

Helen said...

One still, sunny morning a balloon landed on the cricket field a block away from us.

It looked so big- as if it was going to come down right in our back yard.

boynton said...

I think the aussies might need a big balloon or two to land on the SCG in the course of the next few days ;)

J said...

An expert on this topic is actually out there, with a blog called "Steamboats are Ruining Everything." Link in blogroll at Sarsaparilla.

boynton said...

- a great blog.

thanks J.