Wednesday, December 10, 2008

old dogs


Old Dogs
I used to collect really old photos that had dogs in them until EBAY screwed it up for everybody.

via bifurcated rivets.


Caroline said...

The little lord looks lucky to have an understanding and undoubtedly long-suffering companion.

boynton said...

And s/he's wearing the Lab default look of dumb happiness.

The dog does bear a strong resemblance to my old (late) dog, Doug, which is why I chose that one out of the pack

(Although the white chest suggests a touch of St John's Dog, maybe)

Caroline said...

We have three resident black labs at work, they belong to the Irish manager: Dougie, (as it happens) Scoobie and Isis. Isis is afeared of thunderstorms and comes into the office, (through the screen door) as in, she doesn't wait for it to be opened to sit wet and smelly at my feet and or follow me from room to room.

Dougie, or maybe its Scoobie (?) is pretty much completely blind, but that doesn't seem to interfere with him getting around over fairly large distances on the stud. They are all however, rather portly. I wonder sometimes whether the boss ever takes them home, but clearly they get fed at some point. There is a river, lots of action, people to visit and places to go and also an air con office to flop in on those hot afternoons. They are a happy threesome.

boynton said...

A river and aircon - what more could you want.

That's a great description of what I miss - their portly personable presence.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

before ebay it was the hard road for the old dogs

boynton said...

the hard road and the flea markets