Monday, December 15, 2008

wet saturday

raining all day
Bronte whining all day
on post-operative painkillers
at two o'clock
I played Best of Baroque
to drown out the sound
and soothe the pain
and to chill the crossword filler
Air on the G string with terrier
Four seasons and a jack russell
we handled the weather together


Lunar Brogue said...

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's
senex puerum portabat
is a poem before the music

(And when it does ...
easy on the ear
for one versed in Robert Allen Zimmerman's
it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry

boynton said...

Don't the Palestrinaman look good.

(Portabat sounds like something in a Bunnings Xmas catalogue)

Bwca said...

I'm not qualified to discuss Palestrina, or even Palestine, but I did cope with the 58mms of Saturday rain on Sago Hill in Haddon, in a tiny timber miner's cottage with a dear black Labrador; and coincidentally, since Lunar Brogue mentions it, I just read Positively 4th Street which was very enlightening re Mr Dillon.

Lunar Brogue said...

"Senex puerum portabat, puer autem senem regebat" apparently means "The old man carried the child in his arms, but the child governed the old man."

With each purchase of a portabat, a regebat ("for improved operability") is thrown in for nicks.

And Bwca, I'll add Positively to my stocking. (Thanks.)

boynton said...

The rain, every mm of it, was mmarvellous.
I'm starting to suffer a bit of black-lab envy now, with you and Caroline both enjoying the company of my favourite canine variety.

(and lest I seem rather callous towards poor little B, my main motivation in playing the music was to soothe her nerves. Apparently she was hallucinating. She's doing fine now)

LB, I sampled via Amazon, beautiful. Something for the future stocking.

Operability... ;)
free of charge.

anodyne Brownie said...

trawling amazon is a great way to ignore a rainy day.

The black labrador now only has his owners level of cossetting, and they did not read the Country Life issue of 1st May 2008 which asked on the cover if Labs could possibly be the best dog in the world.
Of course they are but their tails are not the best tails in the world. They sweep all surfaces taking no prisoners.

I have moved on to a very small dog in town. While out walking her I wanted to enter a shop so I put her in my shopping bag. what a trick, just call me Paris.

That Country Life shows a Lab called ENDAL putting his owners card in the ATM, and also posting a letter. The owner is Allen Parton crippled in the Gulf war.

boynton said...


I love the labrador otter tail, but you are right about their height. One has to lab-proof the occasional table.
(The Tail of the Blue Heeler is much the same.)

A small dog for the handbag, and a larger dog (for the jeep ;) make a very compatible pair, imho.

Helen said...

Tee-hee, Bwca, you're turning into One Of those Old Ladies With Dogs In Their Handbags, subsection of OLWDI their shopping carts. (I can't be far behind.)