Monday, May 19, 2008

tv 9 to nought

Continuing my random tv countdown begun here

9: I'm over the treechange/seachange dramas where jaded city souls are healed by rolling hills and bucolic quirk. I'm still waiting for the obvious: treechangers find life in the country much the same as before, or sometimes a bit dreary unless they do sport. Not accepted by locals for at least 25 years, which is of course outside the time frame of most TV shows. Until then cityblowins may be loitering with intent to mine their experience for story lines for a future ABC drama series.
Diver Dan the bottomless pit

8. But I did enjoy the rural view in Love's Harvest
The beauty and serenity of rural life is jolted regularly by the reality of hard work and uncertainty
Funny how this review can get it so wrong:
Victoria and Gilles seem like a nice enough couple but there's not a lot going on here. It's like watching a well-produced home movie - sweet, but of little interest if you're not part of the family smh
not a lot going on here? It's all in the beautifully observed detail. These 'home movies' are telling universal tales.

7. OMG. I watch Ladette to Lady. (It was on the ABC first, y'know.) Can't say why this staged piece of realityshite appeals. Catchy theme? Memories of schooldays and unresolved issues with Home Economics?

6. Lines from my latest Google Poem compilation:
a retired Australian rules football
jock Sam Newman manhandled the doll

full version

5. and I'm just about over football. Culture. I'm over the wisecracking.
Football analysis should be earnest, like Talking Footy and Football inquest .

(A childhood staple. An enduring memory of host Mike Williamson biting into an Arnott's Teddy Bear biscuit between bouts of inquest. Or maybe it was Butternut Snap - the presence of Teddy Whitten may have confused me.)

Football should be earnest.
(well, if it has to be Entertainment it could at least aspire to be Drama/Crime Thriller and not a telethon.)

4. Meanwhile newbiscuit has the dirt on Grand Designs
‘Every time you were trying to dig foundations or pour cement, this posh bloke kept getting in the way going on and on about the bloody ‘integrity of the materials to the natural setting’ or some other bollocks. One of the lads threatened to deck him, but he just turned to camera and said something about tensions beginning to show on this high-profile and controversial project.’
See also Sustainability Blog on Grand Designs Craziness
where people you inevitably become irritated with try to rebuild a Middle Aged church tower/divert a river and create a pastiche castle/dig a massive £300,000 hole and then plonk a German prefabricated modernist house in the middle of it. On a hill in Bath. With traditional stone cladding.

3. That Armstrong Miller Flanders and Swann Show
(My companions found the A-M scatological take on F&S amusing, but I sat "po-faced" throughout)

update - po-faced out of a sense of nostalgic loyalty to F&S, one of my father's favourites, and who I loved listening to.

2. (It was disturbing to watch the Armstrong Miller Dentist sketches on the eve of dental appointments. (an inappropriate dentist, who treats his captive audience to tales of the state of his dog's prostate and swinger parties *).
Luckily my Dentist favours Foxtel over Confessional. Although, as I noted in a recent comment, I didn't find Life After Humans a particularly relaxing progam to watch in that position.)

1. Humans are Dead?
Flight Of The Conchords was heralded by os blogs I like, and I was not dusapointid.


genevieve said...

What maritime pleasures indeed you have unearthed B. There be several episodes of the Good Diver on the Tube.
Did you ever see Andy Williams and guest Big Bear with milk and cookies? not nearly as patriotic as the TedBear I suppose. I was very small indeed when I caught glimpses of that show.

boynton said...

I think I could run away with that Diver Dan.
Great show, isn't it.

Big Bear?
I remember vaguely
watching Andy.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

Talking about Dentists:
Geelong dentist Paul Gardner wanted to do more than treat his patient's teeth. He wanted to save her soul.

The Christian convert told a schizophrenic patient in 2006 that she was oppressed by "spirits of fear" and should go to his church for "spiritual healing".

During a dental examination and clean, Dr Gardner told the woman his spiritual adviser could help her get off medication.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal today found Dr Gardner guilty of professional misconduct and fined him $10,000.

boynton said...

VCAT not a toothless tiger then...

The Evangelist Dentist sounds like a running gag.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

He certainly didn't have the Blessing of VCAT AND they extracted a penalty.

boynton said...

and the penalty was capped.

Bwca said...

I'm in the Tree-Change country now.
4 very punky sulphur-crested cockatoos are doing the best to destroy the house lawn.
Foxes are circling the chickens.
2 wedgies are gliding divinely over the forest for anything that gets away from the foxes.

Birregurra is a perfect example of what happens to a tiny town when South Yarra arrives.
It only had a pub and fishnchip shop in 1978.
Now it has Gorgeous People Darling.
Its rooned.

Wesley College rooned Clunes.

Who would be a bloody dentist!?
Everybody bitches about the cost, but really, how much would want per hour to be looking up the nostrils of strangers all day long.

dental Diver Dan was indeed Most Satisfying, but
I would not have put up with the show long enough to see him, if
the earlier storyline had not engaged me.
The casting was right, the viewer empathy was engaged right from the start ... as Martha Stewart would say "It Was A Good Thing".
Bless you Andrew Knight.

peace and love from schizo Brownie

boynton said...

Yep, I enjoyed Seachange - though was more of a Max fan than a Dan fan. Timing was right for that show, and having to set it on Bellarine rather than Byron saved it (Although the seachange effect has probably 'rooned' sleepy villages with it)
It's a bit like op-shopping - if you find something (ie. tiny town off the b-and-b radar) you shut up about it, or there goes the neighbourhood. ;)