Thursday, May 08, 2008



Anonymous said...

until very recently, our stove would have made those look modern.

(it had a plate warming section next to the oven)

i took it to the mornington recycling centre hoping some collector might want it as, it was in very good condition. they told me most likley it would be best off as scrap metal, which was kinda sad.

boynton said...

I don't know whether the technology has changed that much since then? Or am I thinking of toasters.
Though I think I recall the Grumpy Old UK Women grumbling about their over-complex cookers, so maybe I've yet to get with the program on stoves.

Ann O'Dyne said...

The electric cooktop photo looks like ONLY 40 years ago, and the advertising claims MAGICAL properties for it; as if consumers were some tribe seeing matches for the first time.
But later, the Kinsey Effect hit admen and they used SEX to sell everything.
Look where that's got us.

I do enjoy the Grumpy Old People.
While watching them voice all my own opinions, I simultaneously see how silly it is to be that way ... but really, EVERYTHING peeps at me and I hate it.
The frig door is open - peep peep peep;
the dryer has finished - peep peep peep;
there's a message on the phone - peep peeep peeep - oh fer chrissakes.

The world's gone flatline: I'm dead now - peep peeep peeep.

boynton said...

Look where that's got us
yep. a peep show...