Sunday, May 25, 2008

green man

Red was wondering whether Gumby (the original) was ever on television in Australia...

Yep. Mid to late sixties. I was a big fan.
And sometime between kinder and school, I was given the 'bendables'.
Gumby and Pokey and a coupla hats and gloves.
My favourite was the guitar combo.

Gumby survived the fate of most forsaken childhood toys by being so stylish. He has always adorned my bookshelves.

Feats of Clay


Lord Sedgwick said...

Quel coincidence! My favourite dish as a barely growing lad in Moyston, Louisiana was shrimp Gumby.

"Beulah, peel me another lacker band."

boynton said...


my brain hurtz

That's So Pants said...

Hi Boynton

It absolutely was. On the ABC. Loved it.



boynton said...

Hello, Pants.

I know I watched it because my fondness for the show was noted by my family, but I can't recall the show at all now.
Must. Hire. DVD. and reconnect.

Other shows I watched at kindergarten age included Beauty and The Beast and the court room one - maybe it was a daytime repeat of Consider your verdict... who knows.
I guess there were no 'bendables' of barristers.