Thursday, May 01, 2008

car 30

- and this clip set my lift-phobia back a few years/floors.

Update Nick Paumgarten on Late Night Live


ponder this said...

what a great clip!

that guy should get a medal.

(and do you know anyone who doesn't go to the loo in 40 hours, - i bet that when he finally got to go he would have been like a fire hose!)

boynton said...

According to the New Yorker article:
Nicholas White opened the doors to urinate. As he did so, he hoped, in vain, that a trace of this violation might get the attention of someone in the lobby

And the article also tells the sad story of the aftermath, the legal and social fallout.

Tony said...

Yes, that kind of fallout is to be avoided... with an umbrella.

boynton said...

- from a great height, too.