Monday, May 26, 2008


I drove past Bogan Avenue in Sylvania Waters the other day on the way to Bunnings.

first line of a comment at Are you living in Coconuts via ABC Melb


ponder this said...

i always liked 'porpoise spit' from muriels wedding

boynton said...


I've always like Yarck, myself.

(Better than the usual cruder suspects.)

ponder this said...

sorry, this ' should have been between the l and the s.

(possessive not plural)

fifi said...

of course you would be going to bunnings via bogan avenue...


boynton said...

muriels wedding would be an interesting film ;)

No offence to Sylv Waters or to Bogans, btw.
Just love that sentence.
Sounds like a neo fifties-folk-song, or an opening line of an everyday dystopic novel.

fifi said...

the headwear curiously echoes the strange shape of Muriel's mouth.....


oh I love that sentence too, especially how it makes the word bunnings really hilarious if you say it the right way.

boynton said...

...and Hugh's too.

Great photo though, isn't it.
Nicely informal,
flowers strewn casually
and cake cut generously.

ponder this said...

looking at that photo do you think muriel might consider herself lucky.

boynton said...

I think she looks radiant.

And fashionable

(I just chose randomly one muriel+wedding photo from about half a dozen. The collection of would be a good film, or blog post)

Ann O'Dyne said...

I do agree it's a great line,
in the "I had a fawm in Africa once" sorta thing.
Now I'm smelling a bride in the vicinity so I have to follow those links.
God I'm a sook for brides.
Just purchased HELLO with the Autumn Kelly wedding and gawped at every one of the 40 pages of snaps, then I posted it, annotated heavily, to Copperwitch.
*sigh* shoot me now.

re Bogans - my house-guest ThatsSoPants.blogspot asked me yesterday about bogan, derivation of.
of course I guess I will just guggle it after the bride links.
cultcha, upside down.

boynton said...

Mmm I was going to link to a top 100 best lines list, but this is good too...

There was some heated discussion on the b word at LP in mid May re BB and class.
I first remember hearing bogan around 88 I think...It sounded snobbish in a 'sam's street-talk' kind of way, though I think it might have been reclaimed by irony now.