Monday, July 02, 2007


What to buy. On The Nose

"Gumtree paintings" by artists such as Hans Heysen and Ernest Buckmaster - nobody wants them. They are too reminiscent of what this generation's parents and grandparents had hanging on their walls and they don't particularly suit contemporary architecture.
Art Wars.  theage(melbourne)magazine July 07 p54
(melbourne) bares no real resemblance to the city which bears the same name, and treats the city's inhabitants with contempt... According to (melbourne), we are an innately conservative city aspiring to drive 4WD BMWs, live in 'designer' city apartments, etc... and we love to read about estate agents (!) and the next generation of power-brokers (!). Huh?
one plus one Nov 2004


how to paint [picture]



Anonymous said...

Yes the (melbourne) magazine bares something. Is it the grasping soul of hedonism relentlessly pursuing the pleasures associated with buying expensive shit? Or is it the perfectly capped (actually, no they’re naturally that straight and gleaming white) teeth smirking that “Money doesn’t buy happiness; what it does buy is freedom; freedom to choose what you want to do, not what you have to do.”?

Anonymous said...

BTW were Ernest Buckmaster and Lou Richards twins separated at birth?

Tony T. said...

Lou Richards? To me, he looks more like John Le Mesurier.

Anonymous said...

Mainwaring: Oh you'd stick up for him of course wouldn't you? You both went to public school didn't you?
Wilson: You know sir, I can't help feeling that you've got a bit of a chip on your shoulder about that.
Mainwaring: There's no chip on my shoulder. I'll tell you what is though. Three pips and don't you forget it.

boynton said...

EB looks like Louie the Lip around the Gums?

the (melbourne) makes the Good Weekend (demographic)look poor.

Luckily I'm outside the bracket.

Tony T. said...

(I'm not.)

boynton said...

I am, but (you're not)?

(the higher the capital the lower the case)

boynton said...

I am poor, that is.

I can't afford a (jaguar/audi/rolex) this week anyway.

Bwca said...

I'd like to own one of those 'passe' Buckmasters.

I could sell it for about $650,000 smackers and buy me and Boynton a Rolex and a Jag each.
(When St.Kilda Town Hall's Buckmaster perished in a fire
they valued it at $650K).

... and I would prefer owning a 'gumtree painting' over a Whiteley, any day thanks.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

I'd be happy to have a few of those unwanted Heysens and Buckmasters to unload on the market.

theage(fuckinmelbourne)magazine makes me ashamed to be a melbournite

boynton said...

I know nothin about the art market, but it seems like a good time to be buying up the unfashionables.
One day Gumtrees will be chic again.
I suspect a few good weekenders will be burnt by good taste.

Nabakov said...

Call that a painting?

Now this is what I call a painting.

Notive how the horses are rendered even more expressive than their riders (as was probably the case in real life).

boynton said...

Dya reckon that would work in my contemporary mininmalist home-cinema or would it throw the eames dreams out of balance?

Nabakov said...

And lest you think I'm being sarky, I do have a genuine appreciation of Lady Elizabeth Butler's work.

Take this haunting little number for example.
The gathering carrion birds upper left are a particularly chilling touch.

The fact she was popular in Victorian times suggests the Brits then were
Also anyone who buys art to match their architecture would, I venture to say, end up sticking their ancestors with work as unfashionable as "gumtree paintings" are reckoned to be now.

Nabakov said...

Love to see a moden day version of "Calling The Roll", an epic, realistic canvas of yuppies drawn up, greviously wounded and collapsing from spiralling interest rates in front of a wine bar.

boynton said...

Charge of the Downlight Brigade...

Fab link about EB. Ta.

Ann O'Dyne said...

I was already laughing as my mind's eye composed Nabby's painting ... and

Charge Of The Downlight Brigade

just took me to the river.
UR A star Boynton.

TimT said...

Despite the rather bizarre protestations on that thread by editorial insiders, The (Melbourne) Magazine is a carbon copy of The (Sydney) Magazine, including wanky lower case writing, brackets, glossy ads, and helvetica font.

How the editors believe themselves to be on the 'cutting edge' of design is beyond me.

boynton said...

Tks, Ann.
(any relation to Ann L Gesic?)

TimT: I guess if a jag is a jag is a jag, a mag is a mag is a mag.

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